Our Services

We specialize in providing quality financial services to individuals and the business community. We offer comprehensive business, tax, and investment strategies and guidance.
Payday, Inc offers full service Payroll options

Payroll Services

Let us help simplify your business by providing  a variety of Payroll options. We can handle all your Federal, State City and benefits deductions, calculating all liabilities and filing all necessary returns for you, so you can focus on your business.

Business Strategies

We provide valuable guidance for new business start-ups, tax planning, and consultation services for our clients' business operations through every stage of a company's growth.

Investment Strategies

We provide general, non-controversial information on various forms of investments and their tax benefits. (We do not recommend specific investments).

Tax Strategies

We offer information on suggested tax-savings opportunities that clients can implement immediately.

Temporary Accounting Services

If you have a short term need for accounting services, we offer excellent temporary accounting services that can help you. Temporary accounting is perfect for businesses that may be a little short-staffed and need accounting help during any busy time of the year. The next time you have a need for temporary accounting services, contact us!

QuickBooks Specialist Services

We offer services for clients using Quickbooks Software.   You can bring in your file and we will import it and work on it for you, or we can maintain it onsite and handle all your transactions for you.

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